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lmao – are your little feelings hurt because no one is telling you that you are the next photography god?  Go back to facebook and have your friends tell you that you are amazing.  I notice when anyone dares tell you that your not as great as you think you are you resort to name calling, how old are you?  13? 

Yes you are not a fauxgrapher and yes you are better than 1/2 the “photographers” marketing themselves currently but honestly you need to work on how your tone and how you deliver you messages.  I know as an artist you should be a little full of yourself but good god man, you also need to show a little humility.  The images on your webpage and flickr are nothing special, just like mine are nothing special.  You can find the same head shots done a million times all over flickr, same poses but you know what that’s ok with me cause I’m LEARNING about how to do things.  I’m not trying to sell myself as the next big thing, cause honeslty I’m not and most likely never will be.  I’m happy learning all I can about and getting some nice images of my family where Aunt Betty isn’t a blurry fat mess that no one will recoginze. 

I’m happy and proud with how far I have come, my children no longer have green skin tones, they are in focus, I have a grasp on the exposure triangle and how it works.  I’m proud of what I have done but I also know that I have thousands of miles to go and I’m open to people telling me what I need to work on.   I don’t lash out, call people out or use their faults to try and build myself up.