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It is literally impossible under many circumstances, actually. Other times it’s not worth worrying about. My clients are thrilled with my work.

That statement is why this web site exist. They are thrilled, because people will except subpar as good. You are not as bad as some, but no way are you at the level to have the attitude that you do. And yes people produce straight walls all the time in photos. Look at any Better Homes and Gardens. Putting a wide angle on a DSLR and shooting a room and then leaving the lens distortion in the final image, well that takes true genius.

I am not a photographer, I do not claim to be. But look at Flickr, Model Mayhem or pick a site.. You will see the same type shots over and over. Oh this is an early morning or late evening golden haze, let’s shoot model right. Now model left. Oh wait now lying down. hey train tracks and a sign.  We must get this shot. No one has ever shot that from an eye level before. Hey there is a bridge. Lets stand a girl in the middle and shoot it.. I bet no one has ever done that before. But hey, look I can blur my background. Look a plate of food. I will shoot down at it and just have the one part in focus. I bet that has never been done before. Maybe try shooting some fat people. At least they could be interesting and would take some creativity.