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Well for starters you can get your focus correct. Then you can actually get you settings correct. On your real estate photos you can see obvious lens distortion with the wide angle. On one of the shots of the room it looks like the wall is leaning. Sure lets call that professional. This is an easy fix in PS. In addition, try to get your horizons straight on your real estate  shots. Your model shots would be nice to know if they have a complete head every so often. Also the sun glare works on a few shots..Not every single one.  Get some credentials. Let’s see the awards and publications to back up the attitude. By the way, I am not a photographer but I do edit thousands of photos weekly.  I see nothing in your port that I have not seen a thousand times before. Nothing at all special or sparks any interest. You do not have to be a great photographer to recognize what is bad… I guess you could always call it art and that is subjective. But come on, on the real easte site.. How hard is it to shoot a room and make the walls look straight.