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Hey Jer – I have no problem if you are down this way if you want to meet up and do some shooting. I sent you an email through Flickr, it forwards mail to me to my other email address. I like keeping a little anonymity,to keep the freaks at bay, lol.

Normally, for beach shots, shooting directly into the sun, I would say you can’t go wrong with using a graduated ND filter, but it all depends on the scene setting that you are shooting of course. I would probably not use the ND filter and a polarizer together as they may create some chromatic aberrations or fringing. The polarizer bends some of the light and can create some strange effects, compound this with a ND filter and possibly a UV filter that most use as a protection filter, you really increase the chance of this happening.

As for the editing that I did, honestly it was about 3 or 4 minutes from a screenshot that I took using ACR nothing else. All I did was adjust the color temp, add a little contrast, sharpen a bit and touch of fill light, oh and a ACR version of a graduated filter, that was it, nothing more. With a RAW version, it could have turned out much better, than the 758KB jpeg version.