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urggg train tracks! I hate train tracks. It’s right up there with selective color and overly done HDR in my book. I did however cave in to taking this girls photo on a long retired train engine, at a museum. I know her personally and at the time I let her win. Ya, not a proud moment lol. But even if train tracks were the coolest thing ever, I wouldn’t shoot them, simply for safety reasons. It’s not worth it.

You are right on the skydiving suit being odd. It simply doesn’t make sense when looking through the rest of the photos. The story behind it is that her dad owns the skydiving company and wanted a shot with the suit on her, even though it didn’t really fit the location. In the end, it made dad happy and set a pleasant mood for the rest of the shoot. (dad was on location with us)

I don’t really use Flickr as a portfolio. I’m still debating if I should strip it down to only my best shots, or leave it as a personal progression timeline. Which it is right now. What is on my Flickr is pretty much my progression from my start, up to today. My website, Google+, 500px, youpics, instagram have a more stripped down, best shots only thing going on. I linked my Flickr site here to show where I’m at and where I came from. To lay my cards on the table so to speak.

I’d say that lately I’m focusing more on a fashion, sexy, boudoir look. I know I definitely don’t want to shoot weddings and/or kids. I would say that my past 3-4 photoshoots show what I want to shoot with a bit more consistency as opposed to the lesser consistent view of my entire Flickr gallery.

I will see what I can do about the load time of my website. On a self critic basis of my site, I really should bring my portfolio down to only 15-20 photos at the most. There are way to many at the moment.