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How are you doing?  Pretty well!

Some people are born with a good eye, some have to work at it, and some are never going to get it.  You seem to be in the first group.  I understand your asking how you are doing.  It’s very similar to the hottest girl at school having no idea she is pretty.

WCS left out railroad tracks.  The map on your web page shows you are about 2 1/2 blocks from tracks and yet I don’t see any tracks on your Flickr page.

Your personal web page is pretty slow.  That will drive those in a hurry away.   Finding a way to load fewer images at a time, or loading images pre-sized to fit the monitor, are a couple of suggestions.

You don’t say what you are trying to achieve with your photos, so a couple of my comments may be out of context, but here goes:

This photo,

Valerie 04 - Robert Choquette

strikes me as one of the most contrived in your collection.  She is in a skydiving suit, with her helmet?  But, she is standing in woods beside rapids!  She should be in a big field, gathering her chute.

I really like this one

La Voix Immigrante

and I’m not a fan of most B&W.  Her leg is a little bright, and it’s not a portrait like your others, but I like it a lot.

Ha!  I found the railway!

Mathilde 13 - Robert Choquette

She’s not really dressed to work on a train.  It works as a fashion shot, but coveralls and work boots would be more practical dress.  I suppose she could be a passenger, but she is on the engine.

This is in the same vein as the others,

Photoshoot_12 4.14.2013

why are her arms up like that?

Here is a video you might get something from: