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I like the latest version.


A couple of years ago I found a set of sample gels which I think were from Honl.  Not this set (http://www.henrys.com/4620-HONL-PHOTO-GEL-KIT-2-CORRECTION.aspx) but they look like these.  A band of Velcro fuzz goes around the flash and the hooks are on the gels.  I think it cost $15 or so.  Definitely more than a couple of pounds, but reasonable.  It looks like a sheet of Lee gel is $9:  http://www.henrys.com/2719-LEE-FILTER-GEL-20X24-1-4-C-T-O-206.aspx

My Canon 600 EX RT flashes came with plastic holders that clip on and pre-cut  CTO and 1/2 CTO gels, in a little wallet.