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Looking pretty good for a 16yo. That’s high praise from me.


A newer rebel with a 18-55 kit lens is fine. But your first upgrade should be a 50mm 1.4 for $300. Your particular style of photography will blossom with that lens. You will risk looking like a one-trick pony, but you’re good at it, so might as well run with it.


Remember that when doing shallow DOF photography, you really need to have perfect focus. Make sure your focus is on the face, specifically the leading eye. I did find most of your work in focus, but there were several notable exceptions.


My suggestion is to shoot in raw and keep those files. In a few years when you’re 20 and have some time, go back and reprocess them to be a little more timeless. What you’re doing now is fine, however.


You don’t need CC on this forum. You need more practice, and you can be really good. Get that practice now, while all your friends still look like models 🙂

… and save the raws!