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The background isn’t black but rather slightly purple, is that what you meant to do?

As for the pose, I think it would have worked better if you had looked slightly more towards the camera. Second problem is that you melt in to the background a bit too much. Three options, bleach your hair, wear something around your head (think the Afghan girl portrait how her shawl is framing her face) or get a little bit of light from behind. Easiest would be with a reflector behind you on the opposite side to your main light source. White foamboard works quite well, glue aluminium foil on one side and keep the other white for a ghetto mod reflector. Otherwise a second flash on low power setting would do the trick. A bit of reflection to lighten the shadow under your chin would be nice as well as you can barely see where the neck starts. Shadow on the side of your face can work well if you are going for a bit of mystery but deep shadows under your chin is rarely a good look.

The photo is certainly sharp but that isn’t all that flattering I’m afraid. If you want more tips there was an article on 500px some time back about Chiaroscuro portraits which could be worth a read.