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I’m only learning the technical side of things so I can’t really comment too much on the lighting. Though maybe more of a hair light would be good to separate you more from the b/g.

I just really wanted to comment on the composition; I kinda wish you were glancing at us, to engage the viewer. However, if you are going to look out of the frame. it would probably be better for you to be on the left of the frame, looking out to the right – as the eye views an image from left to right and that way our gaze would follow your gaze out of the frame, with more of a natural flow. As it is, my eye sort of ping pongs from you to the left hand side of the frame, and it feels a bit claustrophobic, IYSWIM.

Also, are you actually looking at something, because your expression seems a bit flat, and I think the viewer could engage more if your expression was more genuine, as in something intriguing or whatever had just caught you eye. IMHO.