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Agree with SG, you are making progress, but your photographs lack ‘oomph’. There’s nothing powerful about them, nothing that gives the viewer a direct emotion other than to say ‘oh, that’s nice’. Think about the emotions you want to stir within the viewer when you are taking a photograph, for instance, a HS senior. This is their last photograph before they enter into the ‘real world’. What is it they want to say with these photographs, and how are you going to help them say it?
Basically, these aren’t anything that Joe Blow can’t do with a point and shoot, why would I come to you for portraits? To get clients, your photographs should move people. Whether thoughtfully, provocatively, retrospectively, what have you, people should feel something the instant they look at your work.

Not horrible, in fact, not even bad, just lack enthusiasm. Push yourself a little harder to be more than what you are.


Just MHO.