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Oh man, I totally noticed that hand but I think I remember not knowing what to do with it. With my lens I was too close and had not room to back up and was more focused on her face :/

And some people really like having “instagram”/vintage pictures, but I try not to do that to all of them. I think I get what you mean about forced angles, and I’ll try to study more composition books. There aren’t really any photography classes at my highschool besides darkroom which I already took…I’ll look into it though.

There are always little things I want to change, but I think I’m getting better about achieving a little more in camera.

Like this one, I wish there was more light in her face



This one being more balanced


Idk…a sharper focus?



I don’t like the idea that my pictures lack the oomph that doesn’t make them any better than something the senior’s parents could take on a point and shoot. So I will definitely try to dispute that and get the other technical stuff down. I find that a lot of my pictures have the washed out sky/background at times like high noon…(I try to avoid that time)