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And I never noticed the weird shadows on my neck until now, that’s so weird. Must have been because the lights were like at my neck level, they cast those hard shadows.

It’s not the height of your lights, it is your position relative to them.  That is, you were standing between them but far enough forward to prevent even lighting on your face.

Probably the most famous/iconic photo with that lighting is:  http://corporate.gettyimages.com/marketing/m05/edit_newsletter/index.aspx?language=en-us&gi=2&pg=11

It looks like 2 Speedlites, but only 1 umbrella.  More realistic lighting might have been achieved by bouncing bare flash off the ceiling at both sides of the room, a few feet (a metre, give or take) in front of you.  Stadium lighting is usually harsh, directional and from up high.