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I side with Mike.  I think showing them how you feel the image should be seen is important, and so is customer service.

I was a hair sylist for 13 years.  I look at selective color like I do the mullet.  UGLY!  Is it long?  Is it short?  Is it black and white?  Is it color?  What are you trying to accomplish here?  UGH!  So many mullets I had to do while cringing, until one day, I started trying to talk people out of it.  Plant the seed of suggestion lets say.  I made a lot of people very happy, and comfortable changing over to a style more suited for them.  I lost some clientele though, and I have a feeling that at least a handfull of them probably still cut their hair in a mullet to this day, but at least it wasn’t me doing it anymore.


By explaining how you feel about it, showing them how you think the image was meant to be viewed, and still doing the selective color for them.  You are still offering good customer service, while “teaching” and “planting that seed”  (and that seed can and will grow).  Your customer doesn’t really want selective color, they just want the lastest and greatest, and the think that THAT is what it is.  MAybe just maybe, if you show them what they really want, they will see the light…then again, there will always be people that wear mullets and think selective color is cool.  If they are the latter, you still served them well, told them how you felt towards it, and planted that seed that may even spread to their friends and extended family.  It’s a win win 🙂

and YES!  DO NOT post the image in your portfolio at all!