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Yuck… I like someone’s suggestion of telling the client that it’s a fad that will pass and you’d prefer not to do it. If she really insists, and it’s not something horribly ridiculous, I would go ahead to make her satisfied. Customer service side of things. But don’t post online yourself. If she wants something completely cheesy selective-colored (like a lime green rocker belt in someone’s senior pictures, yes I’ve seen this one…) I would maybe refuse though, tell her that it is just not your style and takes away from your professionalism.

I did senior pictures for a boy in August. After I got their pictures back the mom said she was hoping for more in his suit and tie (of course, they didn’t specify this earlier) but I told her I had that Saturday morning off and if they were willing I could shoot a few in his suit and so we did. It was nearing the deadline for his yearbook submission so I made it a point to edit and present a few online for her to quickly choose and I could email to his yearbook staff. Going out of my way a lot, might I add. One of the poses he was leaning on a railing of a tan-colored abandoned building and she asked me if I could change the color of the wall to blue or green and show her. I was so embarrassed to even post them. I did the best I could to make it look not cheesy but naturally, it did. I kept asking her which photo she wanted for the yearbook, the day before it was due, and she just never got back to me. I did my best I guess. Then I deleted the stupid blue and green background photos. The kid looked much more natural in regular clothes than he did in a suit anyway so I hope they just chose one of his other ones!