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I apologize, archy was the one who said my photos sucked. Archy hasn’t offered constructive criticism either. The re-edit of the bride/groom photo was going to just be some trimming/cropping a little of the one side to remove all or part of her exposed back to help draw more attention to the groom’s face. Not a full re-edit, just a crop.

Ajay, seriously, you may shoot some amazing images, but some the ones you have posted here just aren’t pro-quality. If you’re going to use slanted horizons (some people hate this, I feel it’s permissible in some situations) then don’t just slightly slant them to where it looks like a mistake. Your dreary, gloomy, chaotic style might be a personal preference many people don’t like that style. That “style” still doesn’t justify the things I pointed out as not so great in that beach photo. If you cropped the entire lower half out and just left the bird silhouettes, I’d like it much more. Just too much going on and no clear subject. It’s a little snapshot-ish.

And of course people have an innate ability to drive themselves forward if it’s something they’re passionate in. But the fauxtog pattern is that they obviously don’t care to do so, which is what separates fauxtogs from real photographers. I was not an awesome photographer when I started out! And I see lots of others who aren’t great, but over a few months they have exhibited obvious improvement and have come out of the “borderline fauxtog” category to a decent photographer. Then you see people who have supposedly been doing it for many years and are horrible. They clearly don’t even care to try to improve. People “love” their images, because they’re images of their kids. (“Mommy goggles”). Someone, I think you, had linked the photo of the baby on the jacked-up redneck truck tire. I looked up that photographer and found that image and there was an uproar in the comments by others, especially photographers. The girl posted that it really was a composite and after urging did post the before, during, and after images. Ok, while it was a composite, the composition, bright flash, sharpness, and saturation of the photo were still awful. And she’s been a professional photographer for (I think she said) 6 years. This was all in the comments.