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Browneyedgirl, I must agree with what others have been saying to you. Have some respect for others and some humility for yourself. You seem to be fairly knowledgeable about photography, but you are also extremely defensive and entitled, and that’s going to do nothing but make people dislike you. It will also bring hate down on your photos that they might not deserve.

If, say, Zack Arias (I use him as an example because he is a very humble and well-loved photographer) were to start off in photography telling everybody who asks for help that he’s better than them, and giving his photos as examples of what they SHOULD be doing, nobody would have looked at them (no matter how great they were) and said “wow! He’s right, this photo is just as perfect as he says! I hope one day I can achieve such brilliance!” No. They would see him as an entitled jerk and hate the photo no matter what.