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You don’t have a lot on there, but I will say I like some of the poses, but I don’t care for the composition. Some are just shot too tight with no “white space” or much background showing… which can be a very powerful part of the photo. The focus is mostly good. However some look over-sharpened when you edited them. You’re not a fauxtog if you’re not charging, but you don’t look quite ready to be in business yet. I think you’re headed in the right direction, especially if you are in school (main fauxtog pattern is “Hey I got a camera, let me charge you $50 to shoot your wedding!”) Lol. Even after I went through school though, and had some experience, I look back on my first few paid shoots and I’m not very happy. I should have done more free practice shoots I think, I mean they weren’t fauxtog kind of photos, but I improved greatly with a little more practice and especially after I had job experience working for another photographer. When you get to a point where you can produce consistent, solid work, where it’s evident that you know how to use your camera equipment and editing equipment properly, that may be the time to consider going into business.