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I completely agree with ajay. the only reason i go on about that forum topic is because you continue to post on it and all arguments on why the photog in question is bad is followed by “i would never do that”. and you keep claiming that i’m in some minority of people who do not like your work, but i’d much rather be in a smart minority that some bullcrap dilusional majority (look at how popular jersey shore is. i’ll be damned if anyone with taste considers that art)

I will never post my work on here for reasons i’ve already explained (you have a habbit of reading between the lines though,dont you?). i am not now, nor do i ever, intend on starting a business. i have nobody to impress with a portfolio so i wont bother creating one.

And i noted how you quoted me in another topic, let me clarify. Just because i do not hate your photos does not mean i automatically like them. I do not like them in the least, they are cliche of most facebook pros out there. You said ypu were trying a re-edit of that wedding photo, by all means continue. i’d honestly like to see a new edit because the capture of the groom’s expression WAS indeed a good one, the composition is what was lacking. (i saw your comment that you had set your camera up to take consecutive shots which explains and excuses bad composition, which makes me all the more curious to see you “fix” it)