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Yes, I own a T2i, and yes, I own a 5DII. No, I do not make 90% of my income on photography. (The reason I call myself semi-pro is because I only make part of my income on it). Way to go, you probably have more experience than I do then, nothing wrong with that. But to say that the advice I offer is invalid is just plain stupid. I wouldn’t be offering advice in something I didn’t understand. Like I had said before, whether you’re using a entry-level camera or something better, what matters more is how you use it. Obviously, I know how to use a Rebel better than someone who just got one for Christmas with no training in photography. (Who’s going to buy their wife a 5DII for Christmas when she’s never even done photography before?) My point is that many people get a Rebel or something similar at first.

I was never putting recognizable faces in a debate. They are part of my portfolio, and the clients are aware that I may and will use the images in any way since they are my copyrighted material. It is stated in the contract they sign.

So, because I’ve had to borrow stuff, and I call it gear as opposed to expensive gear, wait, what??? I INVEST in quality gear when I am able to. Obviously, at this point in my life I can’t drop thousands of dollars on more gear. Which is why I’ve been able to borrow some here and there. I’m fine with not being as established as you are in my photography career. Right now I have a not-so-great day job that is hindering me acquiring more camera gear. (Something I’m trying to change).

I am not just pulling advice out of my a$$. Any advice I offer I do understand. You’re taking my offering of advice to say that I think I know it all already. How many times have I said here (sorry, maybe you don’t follow all the forums) that I’m always learning new things and working on improving myself? I don’t just think I’m “good.” I know I’m good, I know there are things I can improve though, and the fauxtographers are those who think they can pick up a camera, click a button, and they’re amazing. I’ve never had that attitude.