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Oh we have another snippy one here! LOL! Ajay, you didn’t even post any portraits. Your sunset photos are ok, nothing spectacular really. The one of the log boardwalk on the left side is probably my favorite. Most of what people consider a fauxtog is someone who’s marketing themselves as a portrait photographer who has no idea what the heck they are doing with their camera, yet charging them for their services.

The advice I have offered in these forums is based on my experience and education. None of my advice here was rude in any way.

Yawn… the point of the 3-photo “circus” as you call it is to ILLUSTRATE the type of images a photographer of varying levels of experience/knowledge and available gear may produce. It is more directed toward the consumer, someone looking for portraits. If they hire some overnight fauxtog with a $150 ditital camera they will probably end up with the image on the left. If they hire someone who recently acquired an entry-level DSLR with the kit lens and haven’t had any training on how to use it, they might end up with the middle image. If they chose someone like me or most of the people on these forums who have similar skill level and equipment, they would expect to end up with a technically sound image that shows attention to details like posing, composition, and proper editing skills. As photographers we should all know exactly what I was trying to illustrate, as it should be really obvious, but it’s not always obvious to an average-joe/jill consumer who wants family photos taken. They often see Bargain!! and think “Great! Why pay more?” If you check out the site http://www.takeoffyourmommygoggles.com/ it actually delves much deeper into kind of the same thing I was trying to say.

Not sure exactly what you mean by people owning every photo taken with a Lego camera. Please explain.

I only ever shoot in Manual.

Never thought I was Jesus of photography. I like being able to offer advice where I can.