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The stuff that pops up on the main page is liked by the client, and obviously liked by the tog that took them, as they are proudly displayed in their portfolios.  There is much much more to being a professional photographer than that.  If it were that easy, than everyone would do it…hummmmm… Kinda why YANAP got started in the first place, isn’t it?

while I do agree with what you are saying to a certain extent if it was solely addressing photographic “art”.But we are also talking a professional service here.  To be a successful tog in this genre, your work  needs to have mass appeal, and for most (if not all) hired gigs, they also need to be technically sound. In order to have mass appeal, yes, rules need to be followed and/or broken knowledgeably.  In order to record a wedding day, or other important event your work needs to be technically sound.  Sure, she will move on to create her own unique style, but to do this successfully you need to have the foundations, and yes,  an understanding of the RULES firmly behind your belt.

and I believe no one here ever called this photographer a fauxtog.  It’s obvious she cares about what she is doing, and it’s very important to her.  She’s an amateur , that aspires to go pro.  There is absolutely no shame in that, or in her learning process.  She’s got this!!