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Before you break the rules (creatively or not) you should learn them. Rules in art are meant to be bent or broken, but you should have a reason to do so. (Entire image not in focus? Reason? “Uh, I bumped my camera and accidentally pressed the shutter release. I call that art.” No, that’s not art.) One should, and must, learn the basics first. 1) The science, bare-bones, technology of how to use the camera and it’s functions. 2) Artistic elements like composition, light, color, lines and angles, visual weight, framing, etc. 3) How to use digital software correctly in conjunction with the camera. You can’t just pick up 20 grand worth of equipment and expect to make great art. No, this site is not a college professor. Most of us on here however have had formal education and/or experience to back up what we’re saying, and by no means, are any of us perfect photographers. Many of us, myself included, have an extensive art background in school, besides photography. It all helps. You can learn how to use your camera and lenses correctly, but your images can still be completely lackluster, even if they’re in perfect focus, have perfect white balance, and perfectly exposed. The way a person views art depends on their own tastes and life experiences. No two people are going to like a piece for the same reasons. Once you can understand the art behind photography alongside the science behind it, you SHOULD put your own creative spin on it!