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I’m gonna ‘pick on’ the second one since it struck me the most.

I wish you had gotten down to eye level with your model. I would have also had her left knee bent and foot flat on the floor with her left arm draped over the knee.I would have pulled her a little further from the corner so the sunlight could work it’s magic. Turn her chin ever so slightly towards the camera too. Any time you’re working with a model (or any human), have her pull her shoulders back.

If you were going for the ‘looking out the window’ look, you missed it. By a long shot. We can only see about an inch of the window…

The most distracting part of it all? The electrical outlet. Also, any time a model’s shoe’s bottom is showing edit the dirty off it. Very distracting as well. My biggest pet peeve is the tiny stuff outside the actual subject. Trees growing out of heads, power lines, plugs & cords, cars, buildings, people. If you cannot remove the distraction all together, try moving yourself around the shot. Save yourself some editing time.


I hope this was helpful and not just me ripping your work apart. Try it again with the advice given. I’m sure you will notice the difference.