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SEC – no i did not plan for the outlet to be such a big distraction.   I noticed it afterward while in post processing and try to remove it, but I have very basic knowledge and everything I did made it seem worse.   But i think I have to train myself to check the negitive space around the subject, so i won’t have to fight with it in post.   my lovely model in the corner was intentional.  I thought the base boards and wall corner would help lead the eye to her.   The grain/noise of the photo was intentional and done in camera.   I loved the dramatic lighting on her face.  But next time I will take my time and look for distractions, I will pull her forward.  But I am having trouble with posing.  My model is not a professional, she is just one of my great friends.  Now the window was not intentional,  maybe if I pulled back and showed more window, and positioned her closer to the window, got down on her level and filled the photo with her and the window it would be a better shot?   Although I did show more of the room  to make it feel empty and to make her look small.  These were my thoughts.  this is why I need some advice, I am really unsure of myself.


MBC – Thank you.  One of the reasons I posted on here was because for the past 3 months I have been trying to read everything on photography I could find.  Last week I felt really overwhelmed,  this photo was only my 5th for fun photo shoot and I don’t feel as if I have grown at all.  I was sure all of my photos sucked and I felt really horrible that I made my friends sit through them.  So  I thought I could use a critique.    Thank you for your advice.