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I just want you to understand WHY the outlet is so distracting. Why do you think it is?

Here is what my older –and probably– more experienced eye sees pertaining to the composition.

I see a line down the models back that leads directly to the outlet. Because the model’s black is in such contrast with the wall, the line is very evident. In addition, I recommend you also note other elements — intentional or not — which subconsciously lead us to the outlet.

Take a moment to consider ALL the arrows/angles pointing toward the left. WOW. If you were trying to use this as a repeating element, you definitely succeeded. First there is the window frame that points to the left. Then there is the corner of the room, the converging lines of the wall — where the wall meets the corner. Thirdly, there is the arrow the model herself makes, both in her position AND her elbow — also a contrasting arrow pointing left. In addition, the negative space in her high heel makes an arrow pointing left. I seriously think there are even more, even the texture of the carpet.

Was this something you planned?

Just wondering.