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Wow, thanks alot! That was a lot more consideration than I was expecting so again, thanks. I will put foreword the possibility of renting the professional equipment, but then we have the problem of me not being familiar with it. The only reason I am still considering doing this is because they have told me if I do not do it then they will just get disposable camera’s and let the guests take the photos. I know my work is juvenile ┬ábut I think it’s better than what they would get if they did that?

Ok so I need to work on the posing of my subjects is what I am understanding from the first one. The background is what they wanted, but what is the detractor that you are seeing?

I have an external flash that I am using, again it is manual and so I am obviously not getting the lighting I need. Ok so find new backgrounds, I will do that.

The Sum Melon photo was pretty much an accident, I was shooting a plane flying really low overhead and I was lowering my camera and saw her having trouble and making a mess with the watermelon, so I snapped a quick photo. I really wish the tilt hadn’t of been so severe.

Wind Surfing was taken on a boat going 25mph with that manual Mirror lense, I wanted it straighter but I try not to edit to much in post. I’m trying to force myself to get it better the first time, but I like your suggestion and will make the changes again.

The Jones is suffering from an effect I could never put a name to, so thanks for pointing it out! I will attempt to correct this with my Photoshop.

I am glad I have at least one decent photo to work with. I took that with that manual zoom lense as well, it was at a College Scrimmage game so that is why there are no numbers. It is a friend of mine though so I know the number, I could always put his number on him and make it “pop” with some selective coloring. (This was a joke.) I will perform this crop you suggested.

Untitled was a photo for a friend who wanted it so he could have a computer background, I think the photo could be great without those dead limbs, or the building, maybe just the moon…. I’m being facetious of course.

Gaze is a personal photo. The Woman in the photo had just lost her father and they used to spend a lot of time on that lake together. I will try to level it.

The planes and fish are just ones I had fun with, obviously my 4mp olympus and canon were a bit dated and low quality at the time. But I like them because they were fun and I’m not trying to sell a client with them.

Thank you for the time you took to address my photo’s. Obviously I have a lot of room to grow, I would ask if I was to buy equipment first should I invest in a better body or lenses first? When I get on my feet again I would like to get very serious with Photography.