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Thanks for your advice Soaringturkeys.
Hahaha no I haven’t considered being in front of the camera. It’s not really my thing. And it takes a lot to get a half decent photo of myself. I just only show the best shots. 😉
I actually do a heck of a lot of retouching. With both the clone stamp and the healing brush (you should see the before and afters). I notice there is often a lack of texture in the skin (in sooc shots), which I think is partly due to it not being that great a camera, with lack of detail (I am upgrading next week). So I never ever blur skin. Any skin that seems a little ‘too perfect’ in my photos is actually due to the model having amazing skin! (and the makeup artist). I’m very aware though that blurring is not how it’s done. I try to not edit out features on a model’s face that are permanently there. Like this photo.


I didn’t want to edit out her mole as she wanted to use the photo for her portfolio. Her eyes were actually that bright and blue, due to the light we used, which in hindsight I wish I had actually gone and dulled down her eyes a little as they look quite fake.
I’m not too great at colouring.

Like in this one you mentioned, I wanted the photo colour overall to have a greeny tinge, but failed to realize it would make the model look sick. That’s something I’m still working on a lot. 🙂