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A lot of those images that have been critiqued are old ones from when I first started doing photography, that I need to delete. Such as the photos with the blown out highlights. You’ll find most if not all of my recent work no longer has that problem. Soaringturkeys, can you give any advice on how the retouching on those particular photos could have been better? Those other portraits you mentioned are self-portraits.


I have never had any training so am learning it all from scratch myself. Sometimes it’s hard to know what exactly I need to research, learn, and practice. I appreciate any critique or advice given.

I hate a lot if my own images and notice the inconsistency. Something I plan to improve a losick don’t think though, that you have to ‘not charge at all’ until you are at the highest level of skill you can be, because you’re always improving. I charge very little, which is obviously what my work is worth.

Thankyou all for your feedback.