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But your question was, “Am I a fauxtog?” and to answer that we’d have to compare your work to some of the extremely horrid images posted on YANAP.  Are you one of those? No. I’d say you have failed the fauxtog test. Do you still need practice and refinement? Absolutely. (We all do.)

No, I don’t think making horrid images like the front page is the requirement of being a fauxtog. The alternative of fauxtographer is photographer… and the OP does not demonstrate the basic skills of a professional photographer. If you charge money, you must have those basic skills to be considered a photographer. The only option left is fauxtographer.


When I do CC in this forum, I always try to answer whether the poster is a fauxtog or photog, and I end my CC with it, along with suggestions to improve. I think the OP is close, and shows promise. She is well past the MWACs in many areas, but still coming up short for someone that charges. Many images are good, and I noted that, but the basics are not there yet.