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BUT…as a reminder, I must keep reiterating that photo judging is so very subjective and personally interpretive.

And given that here at YANAP we have no specific criteria or limitations, when you ask for opinion, the spectrum is wide open — everything from age to years of experience; from business practices and technical quality…it is all overwhelming and an open target.

But your question was, “Am I a fauxtog?” and to answer that we’d have to compare your work to some of the extremely horrid images posted on YANAP.  Are you one of those? No. I’d say you have failed the fauxtog test. Do you still need practice and refinement? Absolutely. (We all do.)

In addition, I’d say you have surpassed the level of some of the Momtog/MWACs with no formal photography training who also have bad business practices. I tire of their endless same-old “natural light” shots. At least you understand a bit more about composition.

When critiquing, keep in mind, that we are turning images into words; then splitting off from that are personal and intrinsic preferences. (I wonder if the person Stef mentioned with the “thin hair” thinks she has thin hair or even considers it a “problem” as Stef implies.)

But you do need to keep practicing and refining your technical ability. I recently completed a critique for another photographer whose sunlight shots needed much more work than yours do. I think Stef was partially correct in her advice about headshots, although I truly saw nothing I’d call “severe facial distortion.” Slightly? Yes. And here is a bit more explanation about that: http://stepheneastwood.com/tutorials/lensdistortion/strippage.htm  I also didn’t notice it being a ‘tendency,’ but rather occasionally.

Lastly, remember that photography critiques offer an alternative way to look at your images and give an idea of others’ perspectives on your work. Above all, keep on working and improving your craft.