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Okay, 1st off, I want to say that none of what I say is meant to be hurtful or mean, but instead truthful and hopefully helpful criticism.
I don’t do newborn photography,and I give you credit for taking on such a challenging task, but I do see issues that I need to point out.

1st thing is the safety of the baby.

I’m not sure what is going on during the session, but from the resulting photos, it doesn’t look too safe, but that is me. I hope that is not what is going on, but I have to call it as I see it. Also, the photos are crooked, adding to the look of unsafe-ness.

The exposure levels are high and low, not something you want to see in a portfolio. You want to see a flow and consistency, evenness across the same series of photos. These you can fix easily in LR or PS.

colors are way off, inconsistent and over softened. Take the screenshot I grabbed and you can see a side by side directly from your portfolio. The only difference I see, is that she is standing in the sun on one frame and partially shaded in the other, but a dramatic difference in lighting and appearance.



The one thing that I really don’t like and it will greatly affect how others see your work, is the annoying watermark.

Don’t get me wrong, watermarking is fine, except when it intrudes on getting a full vibe of your work.  As you see hear, it does not stop people from screen-grabbing, but is severely affects the impression of your photos.  I would suggest a smaller watermark or maybe hide something in the background like I do.

I feel that you are straying down the path of being a “fauxtographer.” You have cliche poses, aka hand of hearts, but I know some like that stuff, your color balance and skin tones needs attention and photos need to be straighten (leveled). These are fundamental mistakes, that if you don’t correct, you are doing your craft a disservice. The gear can help, but not using it correctly hurts.

Okay, so your probably pissed at me, but I am trying to be 100% honest with you. You have potential, but from what your are displaying, you’re going to wind up as one of our forum posts under “Am I a Fauxtog”.
I don’t want to see that happen to you.
You say you have invested tons of time and money into workshops and gear, maybe try another approach. Maybe the workshops are the cause? I always feel it is better to get advice from multiple sources and average them out. I would suggest places like “Meet Up.com” or some local photo group, many you can find are free or very cheap.
Most of these local groups you can get a better understanding and more personal tips and training over a workshop that makes their money filling seats and moving on.

I use a iDisplay Pro from X-Rite for my color management, but they have others like the Color Munki. They are similar products that work pretty much the same, but you can find others as well, but X-Rite is probably the most widely used.

Anyway, I will let the others chime in for other perspectives on your work. Don’t take it personally, it is not meant to be that way. Take it and use it constructively and better yourself, it will pay off in spades.

Good Luck!