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Thanks for your honesty. After looking more closely I can see the things you mentioned here, and want to fix them. I actually have an x-rite color checker passport, but haven’t had the best of luck getting it to work (nikon shoots in .NEF RAW) and I haven’t really given it much time to play with.


I will say that for the baby photos, they were extremely safe. The ones on/in the crate were composites, the other ones were not but we had 3 people within 2 inches or so (just outside of the frame) at all times. I have 2 kids, and we’re both very safety aware.

As for the watermark, do you recommend just leaving it off on the site? Or moving it to a corner or something and scaling it? And for the difference in colors, use of the xrite should fix that if you happen to have any tips on it that would be awesome.

For the flow of exposure, the site shuffled the gallery; would you recommend only showing them in groups of the same session instead of letting them shuffle up independently to make it flow more easily?

I honestly hadn’t thought of straightening the images out, but now am thinking they would look much better that way. And as for the skin tone, what was wrong with that, just the same as the color correction (xrite should fix?)

i most definitely am not “pissed”, and actually am very thankful and I am sorry to pick your brain even more. Thanks for the feedback!!!!!