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I can’t believe its been months and

Thanks again for all of the  honest feedback. I am in the process of modifying my site to be easier to use and also to remove the watermarks and add some information and more photos.” and


thanks for for all of the criticism as it is helping me develop and I truly do appreciate the honesty.”

are all just empty words.  No changes at all have been made to anything.  Still have plagiarized content up, and images that do not belong to her.  WTH?!

The fall mini “templet” you snagged from the internet, has images from

Tips for your fall mini session

Do you know what a templet is?  It’s a graphic you purchase and then insert your OWN photos into.


Then there’s the blog post you snagged from

what to wear


To keep the content up after already being told how dishonest and illegal it is, is just… well… insulting and infuriating.  It proves that it was not done innocently at all, and that your ego and fooling the public is your driving force.  I hope to heck that not many people fall for your BS.  From the looks of it, not many are.  Thank goodness!


To take work from hard working professionals, and use it for your own gain is just despicable.  Then to come here and attempt to gain from honest individuals that have cared enough to take the time to help you…  you are the very definition of fauxtographer.  I’ll be spreading the word about you.  Clean your act up!