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Worst Case Scenario

Everything that’s been mentioned above is sound advice so I’ll approach your request from a different angle and tell you what’s wrong with your site. The general design is quite professional looking, but you don’t have to dig deep into it be you start looking like a faux.

If you are selling your self as a photographer, you’re going to have  to show people a wide variety of work. I know you are just starting out and it may be that you don’t have anymore images, but a website is like a shop front and you wouldn’t open a shop before you had any stock to fill it.

As soon as I clicked your link I got  asked to subscribe to something so I could  win something else? At that point I hadn’t seen a single image so there was no way I would  give you my email address so you can add to my junk folder. Having to dismiss the window was just an annoyance.  As has already been said, the banner images all need work, bad colour, bad poses, bad post. And then to find that every page has the same bad banner  gives the impression that you don’t have any more pics. It doesn’t matter who’s in the shots. I take shots of my kids and my friends kids when ever I need a good display image.

The only reason you have your logo over your images is because you think it makes them look more professional. It doesn’t. It makes you look cheap. The only people who might want a copy of you images are the people who are in them. And as a pro you should have already sold all the images they want to them?

You have an “about us” page, yet it doesn’t have an image of you on it. If you can’t even get a good image of yourselves, why would anyone else pay you?

The portfolio page has the pics from one client? Are you trying to give the impression that you’ve only ever had one client? The weddings and family pages are coming soon? which just reinforces the fact that you don’t have any more images.