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Thanks everyone that’s a great help. So it looks like grey wouldn’t work for 2 reasons as my garage wouldn’t be big enough to get the adequate space for the sitter to be placed from it, and it wouldn’t work with kids anyway. The concrete wall test is a good idea though CC, and I will try that anyway as an exercise is exposure 🙂

The amount of weight the support can hold is something I’m worrying about and even though there are cheap supports from about £50 on the net, I have nightmares they will just collapse mid shoot! Can you recommend a sturdy support, WCS, for vinyl – the manfrotto one looks quite solid, I don’t have pro studio funds but for safety reasons I don’t want to scrimp on that.

Also, can I ask, when you say you have to look after it probably, don’t you just roll it back up when you’re finished? Sorry, if that’s a dumb question. I will ring round bouncy castle places too – that was a great saving and a clever idea!

LOL – me too IHF – or turn it yellow, blue, green etc by using the wrong WB 😉