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I’m afraid so ūüôĀ all the classic faux stuff going on.

Liking ladders/fishing, gimmickiness, everything, even down to your bio/about

You don’t yet have an understanding of light, don’t know how to properly select focus, bad color managing, etc etc… ¬†Just very beginner and very new to learning photography. ¬†No harm in that, but when you choose to solicit before you have the basics down and a good understanding of the business as well… you’re choosing to be a fauxtographer.

The very best thing you could do for your photography is to stop selling your services, slow down, and start taking your lessons more seriously. ¬†The technical asspects of photography can be a lot of fun to learn. ¬†Even more fun that goofing with clients and having fun with props and crazy filters and actions. ¬†It may be a little drier and a lot less ego driven, but oh so rewarding. ¬†Don’t miss out on learning how to convey with a camera. ¬†Don’t make this part of your journey about popularity, ego, money, and Facebook likes. ¬†Make it about learning your camera. ¬†Get that manual out and learn all the AF focus modes and what they can do for you. ¬†Learn how to select your AF focus point/points. ¬†Learn how to lock your focus and recompose if necessary. ¬†Read up on color management and white balance, and take the steps needed to get a good handle on color. ¬†Read up on DOF and how it works. ¬†Keep editing on the back burner while you learn how to create good in camera shots. ¬† Study light! ¬†It’s all about the light! ¬†No handle on how to use and manipulate light, and there’s just no point. ¬†Learn about the golden hour, and basic lighting and modification techniques. ¬†(and yes, even “natural light” photographers learn how to use and manipulate light. ¬†It actually can be much more difficult and complicated to use natural light only)

Quit with the sessions and marketing, and start with learning. ¬†You can turn this around and develop your skills, just put in that effort, and I bet you see great changes in your photography and how it makes you feel. ¬†Allow yourself to be an amateur, it feels fantastic to shoot for yourself and your learning process instead of shooting for others. ¬†Take the pressure off and get to really learning photography. ¬†You’ll be more than glad you did, and so will your future clients ūüėČ