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@arose4u   Not full time. Just possibly start charging for the services such as the weddings and other shots/sessions.  I figured since it was a hobby that I would continue offering these services.

Perhaps I worded it incorrectly and for that I apologize. What I was relaying is that , These friends and family that I have taken pictures, captured their weddings and events… There was no fee. It was 100% for me to goto their wedding, or have them come to my home and pose ,etc . They had the option to buy prints from my site so they would not degrade my work any further by taking it to costco or walgreens to have a subpar print created but it was not mandatory. The $$ from the prints stays on the site typically to invest in more equipment but these days it has  been paying for the site.   Overall, I did the events  for free because … I AM NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER. I am a hobbyist. However, With 6years under my belt , I thought it “might” be time to start charging  for my services. But I wanted to see what everyone thought.

So – again, Thank you for bringing my poor wording to my attention. I hope this has cleared any misunderstanding.