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To go along with the posing discussion, this photo is another example:


Several of the men look like they need a desperate run to the restroom. Also, I also can’t decide if this was shot on a hill, or the frame is just tilted.


You seem to connect with your clients, and you’re clearly good at the business aspect of photography, since you’ve had so many clients. Overall, I’m not blown away by your work. You are definitely lacking in several technical skills, but that’s not my biggest problem with your work. My biggest concern is your pricing. I won’t go in to session and print pricing; the one that blows my mind is the disc with all ordered images. $1500? I understand that I live in a more economically depressed area than you, but that still seems steep, even accounting for higher cost of living. It’s made even worse by the fact that the disc doesn’t include all edited images, just the images they ordered. So my question for you- Does anyone actually buy that disc from you? If so, send them my way; I’ve got some swamp land in Florida to sell them.