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I know the red shots are trash. There was honestly not one good thing I could say about them. & your breakdown of them was way more positive than I gave myself!

When you shoot do you tend to use auto or manual focus? I tend to have a lot of trouble when I use auto but because kids move so fast I thought I’d be better off. also. I can be rather shy so telling someone what to do can be a little difficult for me. How do you get parents to either stand where you want or leave?

& in regards to the Red, how would you tell someone that the idea they have for their photos may not turn out exactly how they think it will? I hinted at maybe using a white background & she could throw a bit of colour in with the clothing but I don’t think she liked that I wanted to change her idea.

Sorry for all the questions! but one more.. As you can see b&w is not a strength.. I looked up a few tutorials but couldn’t really find anything that I liked.. if you know of any that you could pass on that’d be great.

Thanks again for the feedback!