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Hi there, good on you for popping up some photos for CC, I have learnt so much from CC and hopefully so will you!

ill start with the red ones, red is a super tricky colour to get right. You know that the red shots aren’t great, it will be interesting to see if my CC matches what you think.

red shot 1… Baby looks happy so good job, composition is nothing flash, the horizon looks straight. The background has foot some weird things happening to it. The red has cast red all over hI’m, so his skin tones look off. Focus doesn’t look too baD. He has catch lights which are important and they don’t seem to be from a pop up flash. Light seems a biDodd, coming from up above him to the left. Shadow under his nose is nice. Love his roley arms.

Red shot 2…. Black and white conversion is a bit blah and boring, black and white for the hell of it Im just not a fan.

red shot 3… Previous shot in colour. Everyone is looking every where and its very distracting, posing isn’t terrible but nothing flash. It’s like men vs women. Focus doesn’t look too bad, maybe soft on standing boy. The major issue s the red casting, their skin tones are all over the joint. I like that their accessories are a litt