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is this the image of Zach you like? this is called the froggie pose, it is an advanced pose and done as a composite, multiple images blended into one in photo shop. its not one i usually do as i generally like babies looking comfy and cosey, mum requested it and baby was sleepy enough to give it a crack.


this dog one is also a composite.


as is this one, bub had hands on him at all times (ohh and i wish i turned him so light was hitting his head first and not his bum, we all make mistakes huhh!!)

Do you remember how old he was? older babies are best done as awake playing shots, you can wrap them to get them to sleep and take sleeping ones that way. I did a 3 month old the other day and i got her to sleep and took sleeping wrapped newborn style, it wasnt difficult but then im comfortable with babies. id love to share the shot but mum doesnt want to sign a release 🙂