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Well you asked if I thought you were coming off as Faux quality? But I’d have to say no,  your exposures and focus and colour ( apart from the red!) are fine. And there’s no spot colour or over smoothed skin.

But I do think  you suffer from one faux problem which is over doing the backgrounds.

Even the red shots would not be half as bad with a much tighter crop. These are portraits and as such should show the subjects face, not the backgrounds. I’m so glad you didn’t choose the kid with the balloons as your favourite as that looks like the sort of thing we get  in a portable studio set up in the corner of Asda. (which is what you call Walmart but half the size).  The picture should be the joy in the kids eyes as they see the balloon start to float, everything else is just a distraction. The glitter shots work well because there is no background so all your attention is on the girls. For me your best shot is the close up of the babies face.

Hope that is of some help.