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everyone always get so defensive when the honesty isn’t what they want to hear. I feel like i don’t want to comment on any one of these CC’s unless they say they want brutal and honest advice.

Your photos are pretty, if that’s what you’re going for. the pretty Aryan children do look like the Von Traps. You’ve got exposure color temp issues here:


And here (including the individual images, but since you put them all together the problems are more apparent):


When you go for a specific look for an image, you should probably keep it consistent in the set of images you are doing for a client. It doesn’t make any sense to give them different treatments. And even if it did, there isn’t even consistency between two of them. The same is true for the little dark haired girl.

She’s green:

http://www.pinterest.com/pin/329818372682250539/ – Also i don’t think she’d like you showing that hairy arm.

The eyes in these two are horrible:



For some reason, some people think the eyes need more pop. They usually don’t and if they do, it’s something that should be handled mostly in camera.

So when you do something like that in photoshop, make sure you do it on it’s own adjustment layer. do it to what you think looks good, then pull back the opacity about 90%, then it will probably look good.

This is probably your best one, but could use a little more color –


All in all, not horrible but it seems that when you aren’t going for a specific style or look, skin tones go a little pinkish, which IMO is not good. Warmer is typically better.