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Ok my site stop working since last monday   I have a web-designer updating it for me, it really suck before so i decided to have a professional doing it for me . I didnt post on flickr I will do that either today or tomorrow. The pictures that you see there are from my few customers in this past few months. I just really asked if they were good , I not asking if they posted in the wrong site or anything like that . I have more work but I cant publish it  because the photographer that I used to assist make me sign a contract were he keep the copyright. My contract is over and now I can start working on my town.   Answering  to Camera Clicker I dont see what you said that this pic http://www.pinterest.com/pin/329818372681936053/ looks like a grab a few kids from Sound of Music.  and the second one was at 2.8 aperture that is why it might look blur . Im not a photo journalistic I like portraits and that more where Im going for. It doesnt meant that Im not good just cuz I pose people. Im really looking for a constructive critics, about my editing , pose , stuff like that. I will really appreciate it