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Hello Tony,

Thanks for the site update offer but in actuality (KISS) Keep it Simple Stupid. is the best site style for a commercial photographer.

Based on a CMS for quick update as well as the ability to give it a facelift to whatever style I want.
Simple easy navigation for both commercial clients who have no time to figure things out & retail browsers who just want to see the work fast.
Up-datable, non-flash gallery system which is browser scalable and fully customizable to different layouts.
Full SEO and SEM control for retail photography client searches.

The sites for a commercial photographer look boring on the outside but have to cater to creatives who just want ot see the images in a quick presentation. The retail style clients may like the bells and whistles but the rent is paid by AD agencies who dont like or have the time for navigation mazes. Send me some of your designs. we create PHP, html 5 systems for out clients though my web team.  sometime I need another designer when my main one is designing books for her other clients.


Thanks Again.


Ken Jones