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sailgal625: yes I do know about M, but my execution is often wrong.

Stef: thanks for the input. I felt I should offer my stuff up for this if I was going to comment on others. Offering advise isn’t really that different than charging money when it comes to this site.

I had a local small band use one of my concert pics without letting me know and my knee-jerk reaction was a blanket obstructive watermark. Thanks for the idea on limiting the size.

I’m going to defend some HDR use for anyone else that may read this, since you brought it up. I turn a vast amount of things I take into HDR, but I don’t post many of them. Not because I like it, or I think I’m good at it, but the exact opposite. I recognize how valuable a tool it can be, and need to be able to ignore the “That looks cool” feeling you get sometimes, so I can apply that tool where it works best.

That’s her nose…mostly.

I have told people “No, hire _______” for that. One thing I will beat myself up on is only put out your good stuff. I put out some stuff that know isn’t good, but there is something in it or about it that I like.
Example: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=414555888573584&set=a.414555685240271.112622.245289475500227&type=3
This picture is Horrible! And I know it is. But for some reason, that brown leaf that is not much bigger than that water drop makes me want to wave this picture around and yell “Look at this!”