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I like your salt lake pictures, i like pictures where there isn’t much going on and think salt lakes are amazing for that.

I like 8 seconds very much, I think the comp is good and I like the muted colours created by the dust? I like the way his arm and the rope mirror one another almost in their form and line. ┬áThe other cowboy shots in b+w don’t do it for me, and after looking at 8 seconds I wonder if they would all look better in colour?

The portraits are very interesting and I like the titles, which are quite emotive and also seem to focus on a simplistic definition or a perception of the subject. I hope that makes sense. Can you elaborate a little on the idea behind these images?

I think the sepia is a little over done though, and the soldier one seems a little greenish.

I find the criminal a beautiful mono image but for me the background is busy and competes with the subject. I don’t think all portraits require a OOF background but for me it’s neither here nor there as it’s too OOF to work as an environmental portrait and too busy to simply be a thrown b/g, allowing us to focus soley on the subject.

The carts with the big skies are beautiful images, in composition, detail and tonal range, but I must admit I have seen this many times before. I would keep shooting such scenes but strive to make them your own in some way. I hope that makes sense.

Keep it up!