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reality check

Your still a fauxtog because you charge for pro services and dont deliver but I DO see a little improvement.
You need to take the advice that was given and work on in camera and skip the editing until you achieve good SOOC shots.  When it’s time to learn good editing don’t use pre made actions.  Just stop with the actions already!

All of these are from the same session, yet they all are edited differently




The last one works best. Im sure this was only because it was a better shot to begin with and you didn’t feel the urge to try to “fix it” or get “artsy” as fauxs usually call it.

Do you expect a client to buy and display their photographs together in their home like this?  It’s not going to happen, and if it does it’ll look horribly odd.  Nope, chances are they will just keep the cd and be done with it. Have you even printed?  Maybe if you did you would see how bad your editing really is.

Focus issues. Read your manual and learn how to select your focus and recompose if its needed.  It’s not just Facebook folks
Fauxtographer And you won’t lose the title any time soon as long as you are still in business and not working on what’s more important