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I think you have improved.  I think you could improve some more.

I like this one, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=541471142533302&set=a.541471115866638.135703.368612416485843&type=3&theater for instance, but I would have had them stand ever so slightly further apart so all the son’s face was visible, but probably not his right shoulder.  Then, expose for the bright yellow tree in the background and fire a camera mounted speedlight set somewhere below full power, perhaps 1/2 or 1/4 power, depending on conditions, and taste, to light the foreground.  You have a number of photos in the first new album that are similar, your subjects are lit well but the background is partly burned out.  For added points, you could use radios and set up speedlights off camera.  Sometimes extra light is not needed and sometimes it helps.  Sometimes a reflector is enough.

I think my favourites are the Little Ethan gallery, good expressions, good light.  One picture has a bright circle which I would edit out.  Focus looks off on some of them but you are showing us Facebook images.  I have no idea if the original image is good and Facebook resizing and storing the image is causing the image to appear as it does, or if there are problems with the image.

Keep shooting lots, try to look at your photos critically, practice helps.